Plastic gas tank restoration. Through some trial and error a system of refinishing plastic gas tanks has been
developed. Careful prep work and chemical selection has made it possible to have a more beautiful and
durable finish than even a new tank. After finishing, color will not fade or change and stick on graphics will
never bubble. The key to success when painting a plastic tank is to isolate the gasoline fumes. Fumes pass
through the plastic and will quickly bubble paint or stickers. We use a flexible permanent inner liner that hold
gas fumes and even alcohol fuel. All tanks are first thoroughly washed with acetone. After the inner liner is in,
the tank is sprayed with adhesion promoter which is used for automobile flexible bumpers. Then it's coated
with epoxy. Nicks and scratches can then be filled. A standard painting process follows with your desired color
or design. Will it last forever? I don't know. My tanks have been done 2 years ago with no problems. They can
always be redone at any time if damaged. Base cost for a tank is
$300 plus shipping. Any color. This includes
matching any plastic you have. Custom graphics are per hour @$60. I can then provide a paint formula for the
frame so everything matches perfect if needed. The process takes about 2 weeks because some of the
materials require a cure time. You must wait about 2 more weeks before applying stickers or adding fuel. Why
restore an old tank? Some are not available and some originals have the manufacturer's logo and/or date
codes that won't be on a repro. It also allows for a higher quality metal tank look. See the pics below.
I now offer annual top coat refinish for anyone who has had a tank done here for $100 for as long as you own it.
That way it will be fresh every season! No need to be careful. These things were made for racing not to be

Here is what Rick from Ontario Canada said about his Maico tank finish, "All I can say is WOW!  Beautiful work
- thank you. You can bet I'll be sending the RM 250 stuff.

This is from Mike in Ridgecrest California,
Brian, wanted to give you credit. You are absolutely the easiest person to work with ever, constantly providing
updates at every step, and a perfectionist to boot! Thanks for the fantastic work.
Discount for multiple   
2 tanks $550.
3 or more $250 each.
Graphics are still per
 hour @$60
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We will be happy to restore
fiberglass tanks as well. They are
done on an hourly basis only.